PASTEUR4OA/South East Europe Meeting for Policymakers of Research Institutions

03/11/2015 | Athens, Greece

EKT announces the workshop “Open Access Policies for Research Institutions” that will take place on the 3rd of November 2015 in Athens, Greece, in the context of the PASTEUR4OA project. This will be one of the many regional workshops addressed to policymakers across Europe and aimed at stimulating the development of open access policies that are aligned with the 2012 EC Recommendation and the Horizon 2020 programme.

This workshop (by invitation only) will bring together the relevant policy makers and experts from Research Institutions (universities, research centres) from South East Europe and namely, Serbia, FYROM, Bulgaria, Turkey, Cyprus and Greece. This is a group of countries without open access policies, and for which the focus of the project is to begin the policy development process and directly aide research institutions align with current European policies in open access.

The workshop will comprise a combination of presentations and group work that will enable policymakers quickly to develop concrete ideas about the current trends in policy, as well as provide them with the tools, developed by PASTEUR4OA project, to formulate and implement their own policy.