PASTEUR4OA/Update on the SW Europe funders' PASTEUR regional workshop in Madrid

On September 28th, 2015, FECYT hosted a full-day workshop for Research Funders of the SW Region (including Portugal, Spain, Malta and Italy), organized by PASTEUR4OA.

The 20 attendees represented relevant national research funder’s, including the National Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) from Portugal, the National Research Council (CSIC) and the Ministry for Economy and Competitiveness (MINECO) from Spain; the Malta Council for Science and Technology (MCST) and finally, the National Research Council (CNR) from Italy.

Purpose of the meeting was to bring together policymakers of these countries and discuss the current issues at stake and align future developments. The important issues that were raised by those countries that have already developed nation-wide and/or funder policies (Portugal, Spain) is how to monitor them in terms of compliance and impact, as well as how to address the issue of increasing embargo times imposed by the publishers. In view of the massive change towards open access, these countries also face the problem of having to work rapidly on issues relating to paying APCs for open access publishing. Countries such as Italy (CNR) and Malta (Council for Science and Technology) expressed the need for advice from the project on developing their policies. PASTEUR4OA, in collaboration with the national Key Node organizations will be assisting CNR and the Maltese Council for Science and Technology to promote aligned policies for open access in the coming months.

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