PASTEUR4OA/Financial aspects of Open Access

The financial aspects – of Open Access is a recurring theme in the various advocacy materials produced by the PASTEUR4OA project. An overview on the price and value can be found in "The costs and benefits to the research community of Open Access: a briefing paper". 
Different business models for the scholarly communication are reviewed based on the literature, and potential savings are discussed. Transition to Green OA would be considerably cheaper, and less risky that to Gold OA, while Gold could bring more benefits, and under certain conditions would also prove cheaper than the present, subscription bases system.
The "Briefing Paper: Article Processing Charges" covers different aspects of the APC business model for journal articles, and the "Briefing Paper: Open Access Monographs" deals with various facets of OA book publishing, including financial ones.
The costs of running repositories are mentioned in the "The costs and benefits..." document recommended above, and in the document "Open Access Mandate Support". Though the costs vary considerably, they are in the order of some 10000 Euros, and the operation might require a few FTEs. 
Not only are the costs discussed in the advocacy materials, but the benefits for the society too. Economic gains for Small and Medium Enterprises are examined in the paper "Open Access to scientific information: facilitating knowledge transfer and technological innovation from the academic to the private sector"