PASTEUR4OA/The European funded project PASTEUR4OA officially started | The kick-off meeting.

The kick-off meeting of the European funded project PASTEUR4OA (Open Access Policy Alignment STrategies for European Union Research - held its kick-off meeting on the 20th and 21st of February 2014 at the University of Minho in Portugal.  The project’s kick-off meeting took place jointly with the kick-off meeting of another European funded project, FOSTER (, as common vision and activities were identified, that can jointly enlarge both projects’ impact.

Aim of the PASTEUR4OA kick-off meeting was to establish common ground of understanding, values and targets amongst partners, identifying potential problems which might arise during the project’s implementation and discussing the strategic plan in order to address them.

During the first day of the kick-off meeting, the strategic targets of both projects were presented, as well as the planned actions, in order to create cooperation between the two projects, and also plan parallel activities, which will enhance their potential.

During the second day of the kick-off meeting, the partners discussed the main pillars of the project, the timetable of actions and obligations for the proper and timely implementation of the project, the management and implementation plan, the work packages and the respective tasks.

The European funded project PASTEUR4OA supports the development of common policies on Open Access and Open Data in the European Union, according to the recent Recommendation by the European Commission on “Access to and preservation of scientific information” (July 2012), towards the alignment of policies to the Horizon 2020 policy on Open Access to research.

One of the main goals of the project is to develop and enhance Open Access strategies and policies at national level, in a way that will facilitate the coordination between member states. The PASTEUR4OA activities build on the already existing European funded project MedOANet (, capitalizing on its outcomes, hence creating a network of centres of expertise in the member states, that will develop coordinated actions, aiming at supporting the creation of policies at national level, with the guidance of the project partners.