February 2015

The PASTEUR4OA project supports the development and alignment of Open Access strategies and policies at the national level to promote the implementation of the European Commission's 2012 Recommendation on Access to Scientific Information and the Open Access Mandate for Horizon 2020. Read more...

Newsletter Highlights

▪ PASTEUR4OA National Open Access Case Studies
▪ PASTEUR4OA Open Access Policies Analysis
▪ PASTEUR4OA Meeting of National Experts
▪ PASTEUR4OA Blogs and News
▪ OA Developments: RECODE Policy Recommendations for Open Access to Research Data
▪ OA Developments: OA Policy Revision in Austria
▪ OA Developments: German Federal and Regional Governments OA Policy
▪ OA Developments: Hungary's OA Policy Updates
▪ OA Developments: Italy's Messina Declaration 2.0
▪ OA Developments: Italy's Roadmap for Open Access 2014-2018
▪ OA Developments: Revision of Serbia's Higher Education Law
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